About TC Charton Eyewear Models, R&D and Pricing

Here is a short summary on how TC Charton go about our business daily.

Our Models: All of TC Charton Eyewear are named after friends and family who has approached me over the years, asking for specific things or complaining about specific issues of their frames. As these people are close to my heart, I pay close and personal attention to the design and details that goes into each frame. I hope to continue to develop more frames so that one day, everyone will be able to find a frame that suits them.

Our R&D: We continuously look out for different face shapes, head sizes and nose bridges to discover more variations and difference in asian features. I work very closely with the manufacturers and designers to make sure that all our products are made to the best specifications and of the highest quality when it reaches you. Not only do we put in effort to design our frames, we make sure the carry cases that hold your frames will look just as sleek and fashionable! It has been a fun and exciting journey making these first 15 models. I can’t wait to bring you more!

Our Price Point: T.C. Charton frames are placed at a very good price point. It’s affordable fashion that does not sacrifice style and quality. Try some on for yourself and let use know how it suits or does not suit you. There is always a solution if we know what the problem is! Hey, maybe one day, you might find one of our frames named after you! Do check them out at our retail and online stores!



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