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  1. Hello,

    Are these glasses for Asians really individually “tailored”? I am an Asian with an almost non-existent nose bridge and asymmetrical ears (or features) that cause glasses to not sit evenly. I’ve about given up and no amount of adjusting the nose pads or arms of traditional glasses have remedied this problem.
    I live in Central Orange County and I believe I found a few places that supposedly cater to the Asian market.
    Your reply would be appreciated, thank you.

    • Dear Sophie:

      Yes, this is a collection that is “tailored” to different Asian features, as each one of us have our own uniqueness and differences. That’s why this is such a extensive collection because behind every style, there’s a specific face that inspired me to create a specific shape and fitting for it. While I may not have any style that is made to fit asymmetrical ears (I have them too!!), but that’s an easy fix in the hands of an experienced optician. I actually have three styles for the very low bridges—“Tania”, “Carla” and “Vanesa”. These three styles have nose pads that can sit on the lowest (and narrow) bridges! I suggest that you give the local opticians that carry our line a call beforehand and ask them if they have these styles in stock. Many of them are willing to do the “patient approval”–meaning they can order those styles in for you to try them on.
      Here is the link to find which practices carry our line in California: http://www.tc-charton.com/where-to-buy.aspx#CA
      I wish you luck and please let me know if I could assist you with anything else.



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