Watch for “The A-Style” Reality Show!

TC Charton is proud to be a sponsor of "The A-List"

The cast of the Asian American Reality Show “The A-List” looking beautiful and glam in TC Charton Eyewear

We are so proud to be a sponsor of “The A-Style,” a reality show featuring Asian American models, actors, dancers and singers, all wanting to make it big in the entertainment business.

The show launches on July 4th. Watch it!

TC Charton in Mochi Magazine Summer Fashion Spread

Mochi Magazine is like having the big Asian sister you never had. The awkward years I experienced as a tween/teen Asian girl with no clue about how to dress, how to put on make up or how to let the cute boy in class know I was interested (hitting him in the head certainly didn’t work), all those questions and more, can be found in an issue of Mochi Magazine. But more than that, it’s empowering. It offers young Asian girls and women a roster of role models to look up to, it makes you realize your brand of beauty is awesome! That’s why I am happy to see TC Charton Eyewear featured in the latest issue.

Mochi Magazine Fashion Shoot Summer 2012

Mochi Mag model wears TC Charton “Miriam”

Florals + Bright Colors + TC Charton Eyewear = Win

Mochi Magazine model looking very cute and sporty in TC Charton “Angel.”


Kaitlyn’s Beauty Journal Says TC Charton Fits Perfectly

Check out the latest episode of “Kaitlyn’s Beauty Journal,” the first ever American beauty television show produced and broadcast in Mandarin-Chinese with English subtitles. Prolific beauty blogger Kaitlyn (Kuan-Ling Chen) talks about Asian Fit eyewear and tries on several pairs of TC Chartons. She said the fit is great, the styles are gorgeous

Kaitlyn of Kaitlyn’s Beauty Journal Tries TC Charton on for Size

TC Charton Makes Grade, Eyewear for Kids

TC Charton for Kids is a Perfect and Stylish Fit

Jacob Laubach looks adorable and sporty with a pair of TC Chartons.

Thanks to for giving TC Charton a nod. They have great advice about things to consider when choosing eyewear for your kids/tweens!

Hot Summer Looks From TC Charton

We just completed our Summer 2012 Shoot video. You can see for yourself that things will be sizzling hot in a new pair of TC Chartons. Alexandra Peng says this new collection is a landmark of sorts for her. When she started her line in 2009, she wasn’t sure how an asian fit eyewear line would be received so she went the “safe route.” Now, she’s feeling more confident and adding more flair to the collection.

We shot at the San Francisco Bay Sofitel with models Yun Choi and Yuki Matsumura.

Take a look!