Magical Ghetto Product Shot White Box

As some of you know, designer Alexandra Peng is the kind of lady who is going to push herself to get the best product out there, that means cutting deadlines super close to get the latest acetates, hinges and hardware into the TC Charton collection. The styles I’ve been tweeting, blogging and facebooking about over the past few days have literally come out of the manufacturing plant this week and put on a plane, just in time for Vision Expo East.

I wanted to make sure we had some shots of the new collection to show off to you guys so I made this impromptu “white box” that I made for under 20 bucks. It’s a big cardboard box, some window film and 3 lights and a piece of white posterboard. I normally hate DIY type things because usually I invest more than I want to try to mimic what I see on youtube, only to find that it doesn’t quite come out the way I want. But this works! Check out this cool video tutorial:

I’m going to call this my magical ghetto product shot white box. Yeah. You heard me.

Made for under 20 bucks!








The end result: the ability to shoot tight shots of products and have it look pretty darn good! Needs a bit of tweaking in photoshop but very minor. Yes, that is a David Sedaris book propping up the lamp on the left. Make sure you turn the lights off after you are done, it looks like a fire hazard.


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