says we pass the fit test

Thanks to the lovely ladies over at for their kind review. AsianinNY is a terrific source of information for those looking to re-locate to NYC. Check them out for just about anything.

WABC’s Liz Cho wears TC Charton glasses!

It is always thrilling when you see a high profile person you respect wearing your brand. WABC’s Liz Cho wore TC Charton style, “Catherine” one night as she anchored the news. She looked so great! And it appears co-anchor Bill Ritter agrees, wait for the end. Its so cute!

It turns out Liz hates wearing her glasses but has to give her eyes a break due to contact lens fatigue.

Team TC Charton Knows How to Tie One On

Team TC Charton

I am going to give credit where credit is due. Team TC Charton worked their butts off at Style360. While there was little downtime to actually run around the city, we did manage to get to Laduree (mmmm!) It’s those kinds of little luxuries that can make you forget the pinched toes, leg cramps and dry mouth that comes with wo-manning a busy booth at NY Fashion Week.

Our last night, Alexandra took us to her favorite Brazilian Steak House, Plataforma  in the Theater District. Initally, the thought of eating at an all-you-can-eat meat place called up images of the unfortunate sequence of events in the movie “Bridesmaids.”

Kristen Wiig takes the bridemaids for Brazilian steak

Brazilian Steakhouse Scene

It seemed like a good idea at the time...

However, once we arrived at the restaurant, I searched for the “A” grade in the window, found it and happily went in to tie one on. The West Coasters weren’t familiar with the NYC grading system so I had to explain it to them. It’s like this. “A” means, no problem! Eat here and be well.  But a B, C or Grade Pending is a bit more ambiguous. It can mean a minor offense like the wrong ceiling tile in the kitchen or it can mean “eat at your own risk.” Aaaaanyways, the food was delicious and I highly recommend this crazy steakhouse where men bring you large skewered slabs of meat. I am convinced Alexandra should get checked for tapeworm. She ate so much steak, where did it go?




TC Charton at Style360, Fit is Chic

TC Charton designer Alexandra Peng introduces her collection to fashionistas at Style360. The line impresses everyone, Asians and non-Asians alike.

TC Charton at Style360

Here’s a video of some of the highlights from Style360 in NYC.

TC Charton at Style360 Day 1

Wrapped up our last day at Style360. Our first NY Fashion Week experience was amazing. It’s so incredible to see all the  planning, work and stress that goes into making a show happen. Here’s a recap of some of the highlights from Day 1.

Irina Pantaeva stopped by and tried on some TC Chartons. I was awestruck by her. To me she is unforgettable because she is one of the first Asian supermodels. Growing, there weren’t a lot of beautiful Asians on TV. I remember watching her on MTV House of Style. Irina tried on the Agnes and the Angel! She was so glad that they fit so perfectly on her features. We sent her off with the Agnes and the Angel to take with her on vacation to Puerto Rico.

We got a seat to Project Runway contestant Malan Breton’s show. Alexandra and Malan got a chance to meet.

Remember Toccara Jones from Season 3 of America’s Next Top Model? You so wanted her to win because she wanted it so much and she was living proof that you didn’t have to be a stick to be gorgeous. She was rocking a Foxy Brown look and the Crystal!

Speaking of ANTM. Eva Marcille walked the Bebe Black show. Love her and so does the camera.  It is impossible to take a bad photo of her.

So many editors and bloggers stopped by TC Charton. They were so encouraging and many, not just Asians, were thrilled by the fit of the glasses. It’s so great being able to introduce our collection to so many different people.

Supermodel Irina Pantaeva Says TC Charton Fits Great!!!