Success at our Premiere Exhibition at Vision Expo East New York, 2010!

Spring is in the air! We are happy to announce that we had a successful show in New York. It was exciting to be showing for the first time and we generated a lot of interest and even some orders!
In time, we believe that more and more people will hear about us, and see the difference this line of eyewear makes. We also brought along several new, never seen before models, that were presented at the show. We are in the process of putting all the pictures up online for all to see. Be patient and come back to check in on us for the new frames and sunglasses. We hope everyone likes the new photos on our website. You can have a peek at a few of the new frames worn by the models.
We added more color, more interest and most importantly more variations to accomodate and fit a wider audience. You asked for color and details and we heard you! They are eye catching and we are sure one of them is for you! As we speak, new designs are in the works to be revealed in Vision West Expo, Las Vegas in September! Keep your comments coming!
Enjoy & Spring and keep in touch!

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