How to fit prescription lenses on TC Charton frames?

A few of our customers have emailed us asking if our frames can fit optical grade lenses. Of course they can! All our frames are optical grade and ready to fit prescription lenses. It is as simple as just bringing your prescription to any optical shop that fits lenses. Your own optometrist can also recommend you a place to fit them. If you have any further questions, do feel free to email us.

Don’t forget you can also go to our retail stores too if you are in the area.

MV Optical

1174 Castro Street, Suite 110
Mountain View CA 94040
Tel: (650) 961-0672

Peninsula Eye Physicians

101 South San Mateo Drive, Suite 310
Mountain View CA 94040
Tel: (650) 342-7474

Online Store

For information, call (800) 764-7518

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