East meets West!

I’m currently attending some trade shows in Europe to check out the latest in styles, colors and designs this season. I always get very inspired when I go to these shows. I am constantly in search for more ideas to help create the next collection of TCC eyewear. It would definitely combine the best of European designs tweaked to the Asian palette and especially the fit. That would be east meets west indeed!


Thank you!

Thank you for your responses and support thus far. I hope my passion for this industry will translate into the designs I present to you. I know there are more people out there who have the same issues but may not realize that these are actually real issues related to ill-fitting frames. I hope that they will come to know there is a simple and real solution through Asian Fit Eyewear frames offered in the TC Charton line of eyewear. The frames come in various designs and colors to suit most needs. The simple styles are timeless, current and very chic for most occasions and purposes. We will continue evolving our designs through research and will offer up more new designs and fit in future. Please help spread the word that real help is here today! If you have any questions, please always feel free to let us know. Your comments are important to us as it may affect some decisions we make when creating new frames.