Why there’s a need for Asian Fitting eyewear?

Would you ever shop at Big and Tall when you actually have a petite frame? Then why do Asians have to shop for eyewear from brands that are designed solely for European/Caucasian features?

I have worked in the optical industry for the last 15 years, and have dealt with countless European and American designer brands of eyewear products. I have finally come to a conclusion—there is an absolute need to create a collection of eyewear that targets specifically to the Asian population of North America.

What’s at stake goes beyond aesthetics. We all love the latest designs from European brand names season after season, but I realized that the frustration of not being able to find the right fit of eyewear has actually had a even greater impact; it’s affecting the self-esteem of most Asians I’ve encountered. When they find out that I work for the optical industry, they inevitably confide in me their frustrations of not being able to find the right frames or sunglasses that fit them. With years of negative experience, they started believing that, it’s their face that did not fit the frames,because their nose bridge is too low, and that their cheek bones are too high…Their predicament has lead them to believe that Caucasian features are the ONLYstandard of beauty!!!

It doesn’t have to be so. I hope my collecton will bring the choices that Asians never had. I hope my collection of eyewear will not only help them see better and look better, but that it will ultimately change the way they see themselves.



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